5-HT as a mediator of blood pressure regulation

5-HT was discovered in blood and is best known as a vasoconstrictor of isolated blood vessels.  Circulating levels of 5-HT are elevated in hypertension, and thus we hypothesized several years ago infused 5-HT would elevate blood pressure.  So had the field as a whole!  To our surprise, 5-HT reduced blood pressure and our laboratory has been dedicated to understanding the mechanisms by which it occurs (first reported in Diaz et al, 2008).  Our important contributions to this field were recognized with an invited review by Pharmacological Reviews (b) on this very subject.  We are looked to as a leader in this particular field with the hope of developing a novel serotonergic therapy for lowering blood pressure.  The papers here support our expertise in serotonergic pharmacology and specifically venous serotonergic mechanisms (c). 

Technically, this work is outstanding in utilizing existing techniques and making them work in the rat.  We use novel dual pressure telemeters to measure blood pressures in the arterial and venous circulation simultaneously, and have recently validated use of ultrasound to measure venous diameter (d).

In 2017, we created the worlds first 5-HT7 receptor knockout (KO) rat and have just published on the creation of these rats in 2019 (e, f). F is particularly important as it reports that the 5-HT7 receptor is absolutely essential for the 5-HT-induced fall in blood pressure. Gifford Biosciences was the company that really helped us prove this was so - an important pharmacological technique of autoradiography came to our rescue!

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Binding of the 5-HT7 receptor antagonist SB269970 to the WT but not KO rat brain