Part of the privilege of my (Stephanie) position within MSU is to help trainees and faculty on their own road. 

Below are the primary ways in which we contribute to the development of biomedical scientists. 


Career Development for Biomedical Scientists


MSU is one of 17 institutions across the country to be involved in an NIH-funded experiment ( dedicated to determining what interventions are most successful in helping biomedical PhDs find their way (in a timely fashion) to a career, particular to one outside of academia.  Go to our website ( to learn more and watch a quick two minute KINDEA video about just what we are!

Faculty education

I have filmed multiple videos for Epigeum in both their RCR series (below) and then primarily in their series on Professional Skills for Research Leaders. This work comes from my capacity as an Assistant Dean in The Graduate School. My contribution is to share those hard fought and important lessons learned along the way of developing a lab and working within academe.

Developing and consolidating your research career

Funding your research

Managing a research team

Research Collaboration

Stephanie Watts Career Development Award

In 2018, the Trainee Advocacy Committee of the Council on Hypertension of the American Heart Association chose to name an award, supported by DSI, after me. This is an honor of a lifetime for me. The trainees of this council are absolutely committed to moving forward in hypertension research, and I am committed to them. This taught me you really can make a difference. Just be present.